Let us be your eyes and hands when it comes to managing your inventory and fulfilling your B2B and B2C orders. Se habla Español.

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We will be your DTC to store your inventory, pick and pack your B2B and B2C orders, receive your returns, inspect them, and repack them so you can keep moving your inventory.

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Logistic Solutions

Focus on developing your business and we take care of the rest


We provide storage services for your merchandise, allowing easy distribution worldwide.

Pick & Pack

Our process involves picking the items ordered from your inventory and then appropriately packing them into packaging equipment for shipment to your customers.

Shipping & Dropshipping

Our Services include shipping your clients’ orders to any desire location or facilitating dropshipment of your products sold by other sellers.


We can help you repack your products to comply with the final customer requirements. After returns are processed, we return the merchandize to its original packing presentation to be sold again.

Order Consolidation

We can partially receive your production and consolidate it once it is ready to be shipped B2B.

Labeling & Relabeling

We can label your products and relabel in the event they are damaged or misplaced after the return of merchandize.


Our services include palletizing, which involves the stable and organized arrangement of products or goods on a pallet for storage or transportation including securing them with straps, shrink wrap, or stretch wrap to ensure safe handling and shipping and prevent any damage.

Inventory Management

To confirm the correct existence of units under our custody, periodically we can perform spot or complete inventory of all the merchandise under our custody.

Keep your inventory moving!

How do we do it?

We use your own inventory system (Shopify & Webflow) to:

• Control your inventory through a different location.
• Fulfill all your orders.
• Prepare labels and obtain discounts (if applicable).
• Use the courier of your convenience (USPS, UPS, DHL, FEDEX).

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We can handle your returns & exchanges

• Ship your return to us.
• We will notify you once it arrives so you may process your return or exchange.
• We can repack your return items, send them to the dry cleaner, repack them and get them back in stock for resale.

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Branding requirements

• Custom-made boxes
• Tissue paper
• Stickers
• Post cards
• Promotions

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